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Online Patent Auction and Listing Service

Posted Saturday, April 19, 2008 by Jim Ruttler

Ocean Tomo® has also introduced the first online marketplace for patents. An individual or business can place an unsolicited bid on any patent in any country while remaining anonymous. The patent owner is then contacted with the bid and can accept the bid or counteroffer. Similarly, the owner of any patent can set an asking price for a patent, which is published online for potential buyers to review. Buyers and sellers can communicate anonymously in an online forum to conduct due diligence prior to completing a transaction. The minimum bid and ask price is $10,000.

In addition to the online marketplace, Ocean Tomo® also provides a listing service whereby patent owners can provide details for a patent that are quickly reviewable by potential buyers. Interested parties can then contact the patent owner to discuss purchasing or licensing the patent. The online auction and listing service are exciting and significant steps toward increasing the liquidity of intellectual property rights.

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