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INVENT. CREATE. BUILD. These are not only the obsessions of our clients, but those of ours as well. Our attorneys embrace change, creativity, and risk taking in our personal lives and professional roles, which results in an approach to the practice of law that is more aligned with the needs of our clients.

PROTECT. DEFEND. ENFORCE. Our clients’ businesses and intellectual property are as important to us as they are to them. We seek solutions and deploy strategies to help establish our clients’ IP rights and work hard to defend and enforce those rights.

If you are growing a creative and innovative business, we want to talk with you and explore how we can be a part of your success.


The patent attorneys at Ruttler Mills represent a wide range of professional experience and bring that to bear on each patent that we draft and prosecute. We look to develop our clients’ ideas and their business goals with strategies that maximizes our insight into the USPTO and its examiners. With hundreds of patents drafted and thousands of office actions handled, we bring a level of experience and understanding to our work that few firms of our size can boast.

We seek solutions that align with our clients’ desires and goals. Whether you seek expedient resolution or the broadest protection we have proven strategies that can make the difference. We bring this approach to the following services:


When it comes to branding and trademarks, we work with our clients to maximize effectiveness and value. Whether you have a brand that you have been using for years, or the spark of a new product or business idea, we employ efficient tools to help establish your trademarks with full service and affordable rates. We are not a trademark mill pumping out applications, we are your teammate in building your brand and helping you defend and enforce it. Our trademark services include:

Business Law

Our business attorneys have spent time in-house and in the boardrooms of businesses large and small. We have experience not only on the legal side of business, but also as managers and executives who understand the needs and challenges our clients’ face every day. We are counselors, facilitators, protectors, and enforcers of our clients’ businesses. Our business services include:

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