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Green Technology Pilot Program

Posted Monday, January 25, 2010 by Jim Ruttler

“The USPTO is implementing a pilot program to permit applications pertaining to “green technologies” (i.e., applications pertaining to environmental quality, energy conservation, development of renewable energy resources, or greenhouse gas emission reduction) to be advanced out of turn without meeting all of the current requirements of the accelerated examination program.” The Green Technology Pilot Program will run for 12 months from the effective date of December 8, 2009 or until they receive 3,000 petitions of previously filed new applications. Depending on the effectiveness of the program over the course of the year, the USPTO may choose to extend the pilot program. Until further notice, petitions to make special must be filed by December 8, 2010. No fee will be required for filing a petition under the Green Technology Pilot Program. To determine if a green invention qualifies for special status, please refer to the requirements set forth in the Federal Register attached below.

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