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Delicious Little Candies

Posted Thursday, August 6, 2009 by Katie Long

NPR recently aired an interesting copyright infringement story about PEZ Candy Inc. Pez is seeking to have its copyrights enforced against the owner/operators of a PEZ candy dispenser museum. The small museum located in California houses over 800 pieces of PEZ memorabilia. According to the story, it is not the museum itself that PEZ Candy Inc. objects to, but rather the sale of non official PEZ gear that is so offensive. PEZ is protecting its rights by seeking an injunction against the museum. The museum owners feel unfairly attacked since they see themselves and free advertisement for the candy company. The museum charges admission and sells items such as shirts, gift packs, books, and pens. To allow the museum to sell unofficial merchandise will severely dilute the value of Pez’s intellectual property. On the other hand, to go after the small business owner makes Pez look like a big bad corporation. Pez Candy Inc. is placed in an interesting position in situations like this. Check out the NPR article here: .

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