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Apple Remains Busy with Patent Suits

Posted Monday, November 26, 2012 by Mike Cicero

Recently, smartphone manufacturers Apple and HTC reached a settlement agreement regarding a patent infringement suit between the companies. According to the companies the terms of the deal were confidential. However, they did share that the settlement requires dismissal of all pending lawsuits between the companies and also sets up a 10 year cross-licensing agreement for the companies to share existing and future patents. Spokesmen for both companies issued statements that the companies were pleased to have reached the settlement so that they can focus on innovation rather than litigation.

While HTC may get a breather, Apple will hardly be able to shift its focus away from litigation just yet because its high profile case with Samsung is seemingly far from over. In a sense, Apple is not entirely freed up from even its litigation with HTC because last week a California judge ordered Apple to provide the details of the HTC settlement agreement to Samsung’s attorneys.

Responding to reporter’s questions in Seoul, Samsung executive Shin Jong-kyun told reporters that Samsung has no intention to settle despite HTC’s actions. “It may be true that HTC may have agreed to pay [$276 U.S. dollars] to Apple, but we don’t intend to [negotiate] at all,” he said.

Apple and Samsung previously tried and failed to reach a deal before the start of a California trial which ended with an enormous jury verdict of $1.05 billion. Samsung is appealing the decision and a hearing is set for December 6, 2012. Now Apple wishes to add Samsung’s newest mobile devices to the lawsuit and has filed court documents requesting permission to do so. Apple seeks to add the following Samsung products: the Galaxy X III; the Galaxy Note II; the Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi; the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1; the Rugby Pro; and the Galaxy III Mini. Apple alleges that these products should be added to the suit because they involve the same patents and that otherwise Apple will be required to litigate over these products in a nearly identical lawsuit “involving exactly the same patents, patent claims, and legal theories.”

Other than this case, the companies are involved in dozens of patent lawsuits worldwide.

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