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Still No Clear Answers on Director Lee of USPTO

Posted Tuesday, January 24, 2017 by Jim Ruttler

Last week there were credible rumors that Michelle Lee was being asked to stay on as the Director of the USPTO. This week there are rumors that this has been reconsidered. Gene Quinn at has been following this story closely. He is reporting that there may be a division within the Trump team about whether to keep Lee or not. There are apparently some people that are close to Lee and Trump and who are advocating for her continued leadership at the USPTO. However, there are apparently some very loud voices within the Trump team that are advocating for a clear break from Obama's appointees.

Most patent owners would agree that Michelle Lee is not good for patents. The only people that do advocate her continued role are those that want patents to be easier to invalidate and less valuable.

My hope and that of most patent attorneys and patent owners is that Trump will choose a new candidate that can bring clarity and value back to patents. This will encourage more investment and produce more high quality jobs.

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