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9-30-16-Weekly Round-Up of Trademark News

Posted Friday, September 30, 2016 by Daniel Mills

Another week goes by and another set of trademarks in the news. Up to the plate first is a story about the Chicago Cubs, who are the favorites to win the World Series this years after a century of futility, bringing a federal lawsuit against 40 street vendors for selling knockoff merchandise right outside Wrigley Field. Clearly there is a violation of rights, but as the author of the article points out, I think there could have been another solution. Read about it here.

Last week there was news of the Las Vegas Raiders NFL team planning a possible relocation to Sin City, but next year the NHL will have a team in Las Vegas. That team has yet to unveil its name, logo, mascot, etc. but according to trademark applications at the USPTO, the top three contenders are SILVER KNIGHTS (Serial no. 87147274), GOLDEN KNIGHTS (Serial no. 87147269), and DESERT KNIGHTS (Serial no. 87147261). All of those sounds sufficiently Vegas-like to me, but I'm placing my bet on Golden Knights. Hockey in the Mojave - what a concept.

Harvard computer science class trademark for CS50 is one step closer to allowance. The class officially titled "Computer Science 50: “Introduction to Computer Science I" is an extremely popular class and apparently is spreading to other universities and high school curricula. Initially refused for similarity with a previous registration and overly broad goods descriptions, Harvard has entered into a consent agreement with the prior registrants and narrowed the goods. Read about it in the Crimson here.

More next week!

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