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10-28-16 Weekly Round-Up of Trademark News

Posted Friday, October 28, 2016 by Daniel Mills

It's World Series time and as a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan, it is especially exciting for me this year. The Cleveland Indians are playing the Chicago Cubs and one of these teams is going to win and break a very long streak of losing in the World Series. The Cubs have the best record in baseball this year and have the most talent, but that doesn't guarantee wins. What the Cubs are trying to guarantee is that no one in the USA can use the letter "C" or "W" or at least it seems that way. Steve Brachmann at IPWatchdog has a great article detailing the 49 TTAB petitions for oppositions and cancellations filed by the Cubs in 2016. Good luck Cubs in the trademark action, I hope you lose miserably on the field - Go Tribe!

I've blogged about previous trademark disputes involving Car-Freshener Corp; the company that makes the tree shaped car fresheners that are very popular among those who just cant' seem to clean their cars. They are in the news again, but this time it is a little tougher to see them as the victim. They sued a non-profit organization that employed the homeless, addicts, and ex-cons to make real wood car fresheners for trademark infringement. The lawsuit by Car Freshener Corp.put the non-profit into bankruptcy and they are out of business. Read more details here.

With one week before America goes to the polls, we have a Donald Trump related trademark news items. It seems that a NY based doctor has applied for a trademark for TRUMP TV. The chances of the doctor getting the mark are slim, in light of the fact that he is on record as saying that he did it on a lark, and has no intention of using the mark. That is a no-no for the USPTO, but the chances of him being able to be an obstacle to the Donald if he chose to do so, he could drag out the process for over three years. On the other hand, given Trump's record of suing people, the good doctor may have started something he did not intend. Read more here.

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